Winter beauty

The winter season of yin imposes us to take care of our natural internal hydration system.

This added dryness and the sluggish nature of winter puts a heavy tax on our body and skin using up all of the water and nutrients that keep us going!

Moisturizers are indeed popular this season, but is your skin really getting the full benefit?

For deep hydration, we must —before any application — invigorate the blood and lymphatic microcirculation. It is important to promote exchanges between the layers of our skin, the hypodermis and the dermis, if we want to fully utilize their active ingredients.

🎅🏻 This year's Christmas box includes 3 multireflex tools & care cards; a beautiful gift of specialized condition-based formulas!

Winter Beauty Kit

Hydrated and soft skin all year (even in winter) with Chan❜beauté's yin rituals!

What to do with your winter kit

🔺 The concave roller of multireflex tool nº207 is made of genuine horn. It is specially designed to refine the contours of the face, the eye area, but also don't forget its magicical shape to treat joint pain in the fingers.

Get inspired by the gestures of our Chan❜beauté expert in the kit video, to better understand the movements.

Stimulate each area for 2 minutes, thanks to the energizing yang effect of this concave roller.

🟡 The golden sphere of this same instrument nº207 is the perfect complement to the previous step. Brass has the ability to extract accumulated heat. By sliding it delicately on each eyelid, you will experience intimate relaxation.

Side benefit!! Learn to "iron" each wrinkle after a yang stimulation which brings out the deep nutrients and fills the wrinkle on the spot.

You will then distribute them throughout the epidermis using the Double mini yin rollers nº308.

🌴 The ergonomic mimosa wood handle of the Double mini yin rollers nº308 facilitates delicate back and forth movements to restore shine and elasticity in the three layers of skin tissue.

Its two rollers of soft mini-rods are extremely pleasant and do not damage the skin (unlike its appearance, they are not needles!).

After just 2 minutes of rolling on your skin, you can then apply your favorite cream which will absorb deeper and enrich your skin.
The fact of increasing the penetration index allows us to consume less product and thus be able to opt for a quality that is certainly more expensive, but superior.

◾︎ The Little hammer nº128 is included in this multireflex kit to let you experience the full intensity of Dien Chan. In fact, perfecting your care then consists of stimulating specific bqc·points on the face.

This is why we offer you these formulated cards of care in the form of index cards, in order to help you find each point.

You will notice that the areas are highlighted with colors to refer to the indications on the back of each card.

About fifty percussions (tapping) with the Little hammer are enough on each point to activate their incredible effects.

Prefer the rubber side of the Little yin-yang hammer nº128 to stimulate each point in a yang way (energizing).

Use its head equipped with soft mini rods to delicately work the area in a yin way (relaxing, refreshing).


Chan❜beauté is the only technique that grants you the power to fully harness your internal resources.

Why give this winter beauty box for Christmas?

We wanted to bring together in this kit the essential multireflex tools dedicated to self-care and beauty. This is the ideal solution if you want to stop overusing the chemistry which — we know it — tires your living filters, which are the liver and kidneys.

Taking care of yourself at a lower cost and without side effects is the perfect gift that our body needs to celebrate this period.

In addition, our instruments are eco-responsible. The real horn recovered from the traditional agricultural cord provides a silky touch and its natural marbling sublimates the elegance of your gestures. No animal is exploited for its antlers and even our vegan customers love them.

And unlike plastic, the horn does not generate static electricity. It has biological antiseptic properties which respect the skin's microbiota.

🎅🏻 It is a useful, organic and beautiful gift that will satisfy the most demanding beautiful people. Extremely appreciated by lovers of natural beauty, multireflex tools are real health jewels.

To help you use it as quickly as possible, we are offering a video and accompanying this ❝Winter Beauty❞ box with a set of color printed treatment cards.

Are you interested in self-care and want to keep this secret for yourself? Awesome!

As a gift with this box, a set of pretty handy cards to apply effective protocols from day one. This is the opportunity to discover 10 formulas of Dien Chan in terms of:

— Fight exhaustion.

— Relieve acute pain.

— Headaches and migraine.

— Treat vertigo.

**see more ideas below!

Lady special:

— Discomfort during pregnancy.

— Regulation for menopause.

Also for Chan❜beauté:

— Face lift.

— Treat acne.

— Strengthen the emotional sphere.

Professional Chan’secret

To get the most out of healing cards with your Little hammer head, equip yourself with a mirror, as John-Jairo shows in the video. It is important to know how to locate the lines of the map to locate each point correctly.

The small colored triangles locate the facial reliefs on which each line rests. And imagine each row being straight like the surface of a swimming pool when submerged in water. Our face is not flat, but in three dimensions!

It is therefore by placing yourself well in front of a mirror that you will not miss a point. Then it is the sensation that will clarify the exact place to hammer.

For the English care cards only:

Click the image

Don't wait for AMZ to destroy the economy and wipe out those who work for their passion!

(You will find that we refuse to distribute to them).

Take advantage of this limited offer and start this beautiful journey from the light body to the free spirit.

💝 Dienchannely yours!


For North America: the set of care cards is printed on a nice cardborad.

For Europe and other countries: the set of care cards is sent as a PDF to reduce shipping cost.

Discover the usefulness of tools that you would not have thought of at first sight!

Build up a natural beauty routine adapted to your specific skin type.

Quickly relieve on-the-go skin pandemonia that arise spontaneously with multireflex.