The endocrine system

Menopause and its discomforts

The endocrine system

Many disorders are associated with the dysfunction of the endocrine system. It is responsible for controlling mood swings, bouts of depression, excessive emotional sensitivity, and mood states.

It is important to emphasize that menopause is not a disease.


It is simply a transformative stage that brings about discomfort. However, there are many natural solutions available to alleviate the unpleasant symptoms of menopause.

Taking synthetic hormones is to deny the natural process that Dien Chan can greatly balance.

Dien Chan provides an extremely effective response to energy blockages, organ or gland dysfunctions, and the improper distribution of vital fluids.

In this eBook, we explain the actions that allow us to address the discomfort caused by menopause, a natural result of aging.

Les vrais outils du Dien Chan

Two multireflex tools included in the first kit.

Although designed for beginners, we provide a pedagogical approach to assist you with the protocols and help you become familiar with the method. To further enhance your practice, the eBook also includes complementary bqc·points formulas that strengthen the treatment.

Dien Chan should not replace medical treatment without the advice of a physician. However, we understand that it is preferable to first try natural and non-invasive solutions before resorting to chemicals.

By engaging in physical exercise, we maintain our bodies, and by practicing Dien Chan, we engage in internal fitness!

Learn how to rebalance your hormonal system to naturally alleviate the challenging symptoms of menopause.

Kit Menopause Hot Flash

In order for you to practice the proposed protocols, this first kit is composed of two highly effective multireflex tools to alleviate the discomforts of menopause.

When purchasing the kit, we offer you the booklet! However, you can also purchase each tool individually if you already own one.


The Double miniroller yin nº308 The yin Minirake nº219 eBook free

Kit Hormonal regulation

In order for you to practice the protocols proposed in the booklet, this other kit is composed of 3 multireflex tools.

By purchasing the kit, we offer you the booklet for free! However, you can also acquire each tool individually if you already own one.


The Comet nº133 Minirake yin nº219 Detector yang ball nº103 eBook free

What are these instruments used for?

Outil yin du Dien Chan

Multireflex tools are true health gems as they allow us to quickly regulate the fluctuations that cause imbalance, and they are beautiful.

The treatment is even more enjoyable when using elegant utensils that respect the skin's microbiota.

By working on the reflex zones described in the booklet with a yin tool, you will experience a refreshing sensation while energizing microcirculation.

Unlike manual massages, only multireflex tools with a yin effect can restore movement while promoting natural hydration.

How can Dien·Chan help?

The human body is a dynamic system in which its various elements need to be constantly stimulated to prevent atrophy and thus prevent failures.

Movement, circulation, and flow are essential. Dien Chan allows us to directly and easily act on our vital functions, including our hormonal system.

We focus on the overall imbalance, and although we can target a specific organ, we must think of the treatment in a holistic way.

This means that we need to treat the endocrine system as a whole to restore balance. Whether we want to treat the thyroid, diabetes, premenstrual syndrome, or skin problems, we are dealing with hormonal disorders.


By restoring the natural balance and addressing energy blockages, we can quickly resolve many psychological and physiological states.


In this booklet, you will learn how to:

Kit Hormonal regulation

Kit d'outils du Dien Chan

This second kit is more comprehensive as it includes the Yang ball detector nº103 in addition. This multireflex tool allows you to stimulate the points·bqc that complement each treatment.

Its small natural horn ball with spikes will be extremely useful for yang stimulation of facial reflex zones.


Double yin miniroller nº308 Minirake yin nº219 Detector yang ball nº103 eBook free

Le Détecteur boule yang nº103
The Detecteur yang ball nº103
PDF système hormonal en Dien Chan

Only the eBook

You can purchase the fascicle in PDF format using this button. And you can also add each tool individually to your cart


The Mini Rake - Yin Cylinder nº219 is a versatile multireflex tool composed of a small rake with 5 rounded teeth on one side and a serrated brass cylinder on the other. It is an essential tool for many facial treatments. The Mini Rake - Yin Cylinder nº219 is designed specifically to provide gentle yin effects on fine and delicate skin.

The rake is made of stainless steel, and its small size (1.7cm) makes it perfectly suited for different areas of the face. The 7.5mm teeth are specially designed to provide a pleasant yin effect.

The golden brass cylinder is highly useful for extracting trapped heat from facial reflex zones. It adapts to the contours of the face as well as medium-sized areas like the hands and fingers.

The handle of the tool is made of natural horn, giving it a beautiful and unique appearance with harmonious marbling. We ensure that the horn is ethically sourced, without causing harm or suffering to any animals. Its natural horn material also possesses biological antiseptic properties.


The Double Yin Mini Roller nº308 is used locally to treat and stimulate the extremities as well as other areas of the body such as the neck, knees, wrists, ankles, etc. Despite its appearance, this multireflex tool is gentle and refreshing.

The mini rods of the Double Yin Mini Roller are rounded and do not penetrate the skin.

It features an ergonomic handle made of mimosa wood, and the medium-sized rollers allow for easy stimulation of a large portion of facial reflex zones.

The spacing between the yin rollers is designed to perfectly adapt to the contours of the face and small areas of the body.

When using this tool, it is important to perform light and graceful movements, as demonstrated by John-Jairo (our Chan'beauté expert) in this video.

Outil du Dien Chan


This utensil is equipped with a fine and rounded detector on one end, similar to the Detector nº101, and on the other end, a small ball with horn spikes.

Its small yang ball with horn spikes: Handcrafted and finely carved, the yang balls allow for gentle and effective stimulation of reflex zones. Its small size is perfectly adapted to delicate areas of the face, allowing for precise treatments to invigorate, warm, dry, and concentrate. Perform back-and-forth movements for 2 to 3 minutes, referring to the Dien Chan reflex diagrams.

Its fine detector: We use the fine detector to assess the sensitivity of specific zones and determine the origin of the imbalance by referring to reflex diagram projections. It is with the fine detector that we perform treatments by stimulating the points-bqc in the care formulas on the face. This involves applying a constant pressure for 20 to 30 seconds on the detected point. Repeat the process and gradually adjust the pressure according to the sensitivity of the face.


Hypersensitivity to the detector: If the patient is unable to tolerate the "detector" end of the tool, we can use the Small-hammer nº128 or the large detector nº133, also known as "the Comet".

🌿 Note:

The authentic multireflex tools are handmade using reclaimed horn, ensuring that no animals suffer or are raised for their antlers.

ºWe practice circular economy and benefit from the biological properties of this noble material, which does not disrupt the skin flora unlike polluting plastic.

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