the Dien Chan starter kit

Your adventure in Dien·Chan begins here!

Here is the Multireflex Starter❜kit: your essential companion for a personalized journey of health and well-being. Access relief from facial tensions and enjoy the rapid revitalization of your skin with this carefully selected set of tools.

If you suffer from recurring skin conditions such as acne or psoriasis, or if you want to age gracefully by expressing your vitality, this kit is for you!

These handcrafted tools enhance the elegance of your ecological care. Made by hand from noble materials such as natural horn, mimosa wood, bamboo, and high-quality metals, they reveal a variety of textures and colors. They are not only beautiful to look at, but their superior quality enables easy and effective care.

Here is a harmonious set of instruments, as beauty is no more beautiful than when it is natural!

🎈If you already own some of the instruments that make up the kit, you can individually purchase the ones you are missing using the purchase buttons.

The basic rule is always to choose the most pleasant side of the instrument.

The power of
the Little hammer nº128

The balance of the Yin-yang roller nº206

The elegance of the Beauty Ova nº373

Bonus 🌼 Express care cards set

🎁 10 express treatment cards: step-by-step guide for various issues, including acne, grounding, headaches/migraines, face lifting, discomfort during pregnancy, exhaustion, menopause, dizziness, etc.

Embark on a journey towards improved health and radiant skin. Our kit allows you to explore unique formulas, providing relief from targeted reflex zones and bqc·points formulas.

The kit consists of the 3 multireflex tools: Beauty Ova nº373, Yin-yang roller nº206, Little-hammer nº128, and the complimentary card set.Choose your delivery area and then enter your postal coordinates.

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Curious to learn more about the Starter Kit?

Check our schedule to join an online workshop. Various themes are offered, and we will guide you through each tool, unveiling their incredible benefits.

🌟 Elevate your self-care routine and reveal your healthier, radiant "self."

Usage in Chan❜beauté

🌸 The Yin-yang little-hammer  nº128

Begin your express initiation into Dien Chan with this point·bqc and reflex zone stimulator. Its double-ended design, with a yin end featuring soft mini-rods and a yang end made of rubber, provides you with a choice of personalized sensations. Perfect for beginners, this tool quickly relaxes your tensions through gentle tapping.

🌿 Chan❜secret  Gently hammer while staying perpendicular to the surface of the face. For a therapeutic approach, focus on detected points.

🌸 The Yin-yang roller nº206

Everyone's favorite pocket tool!

Its yang ball: improves microcirculation, rebalances skin layers, detoxifies, and enhances product penetration.

Its yin roller: distributes collagen, fills in wrinkles, irrigates the skin, and softens its texture.

🌿 Chan❜secret Choose the most pleasant side; it can vary. Listen to your skin and body; they will guide you to your well-being.

🌸 Beauty Ova nº373

This fabulous tool offers a simultaneously stimulating and softening experience.

Ideal for releasing fascia from large muscles of the body, neck, and broader areas of the face.

With its rounded rods, it elevates facial massage to another level.

Use it with light to moderate pressure in circular or straight upward movements. Without oils for a yang approach or with oils for a yin approach, distributing the nutrients mobilized by the yang step.

🌿 Chan❜secret In effleurage or with oil, the work will be yin for better nutrient distribution. Use your fingers to support the skin.

🌟 Set of Express-care cards

Included with the kit, our superb care card game, an essential for Dien Chan experts. These color-printed cards provide you with effective protocols at your fingertips, allowing you to start your sessions quickly.

🌿 Speed up your care with inspiration!

Look no further, these 12 color-printed protocol cards on high-quality Bristol are your new secret weapon. With their convenient format (7.5cm x 10cm), they guarantee quick and deep results in Dien Chan.

Included protocols:

🖍️ Choose the appropriate protocol, test each bqc·point with the Little-hammer nº128, remember the most sensitive ones, and consult the back to understand the effects and indications.

🟡 We have highlighted combinations of bqc·points in color on the text and diagram to guide you.

🌺 Pro❜tip

Express care cards allow you to address the overall condition of your client. A relaxed preparation optimizes the efficiency of your protocol.

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