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M U L T I R E F L E X ~ E X C L U S I V E  ~  P R E M I U M

With this set of 6 essential multireflex tools, you will be able to start seriously practicing real facial reflexology:
Multireflexology - Dien Chan.

little hammer

tool nº128

Very balanced multireflex tool designed to be able to quickly practice Dien Chan.

Equipped with a yin end and a yang tip (gum) to adapt precisely to the disorder to be treated.

Beauty-brush multireflex

tool nº252

For facial use , the marbling of its genuine horn handle allows you, in any situation, to take this health gem out of the bag.

This “mini-brush and smooth cylinder” combination pushes the boundaries of your “beauty and well-being” treatments.

Ova bar

tool nº373

Star of the dressing table, it prepares and firms the skin and restores all its elasticity.

For facial and body use , we use it in many Chan❜beauté protocols to stimulate the lymphatic system, reduce wrinkles and scars.

Yin cylinder

tool nº219

Perfectly suited to thin and more sensitive skin, this delicious tool is a game-changer in terms of its effects of dispersing and filling in deep wrinkles.                

A must have for treating dry skin, pigmentation spots, moles and other skin protuberances like cystic acne and warts.


tool nº206

Yin and yang in your pocket!

Universal instrument for care, beauty and well-being, it carefully stimulates the face without ever damaging the skin.

Everyone's favorite pocket tool for fast results.

Two heads with complementary influences to combine the yang then yin effects and increase the penetration index of the products applied afterwards.

Yang concave
Yin sphere

tool nº207

In Chan❜beauté we use it in many anti-aging protocols to access the curves of the face before continuing with a moisturizer.

Its golden sphere provides incredible sensations on the eyelids:
- Deep relaxation
- Reduces eye tension               

It will also be of great use in plumping up fine lines around the eyes.


This kit presents six Dien Chan instruments dedicated to facial care. Several of them will also be of great use to you in treating certain parts of the body. However, there are other complementary multireflex tools specially dedicated to large areas of our anatomy.

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You will find in it, a card by instruments to practice multireflexology well.

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▶️  The suggested lists will help you to glimpse the immensity of the scope of care in Dien Chan and Chan'beauté.

▶️  The description of each tool invites you to better understand the possible effects of facial stimulation.

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The usage videos for each multireflex tool are further down this page.

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Why horn?

Each instrument offers you a unique assembly in authentic horn with parts in stainless steel, brass and mimosa wood. Thanks to its magnificent design and silky feel, the multireflex tool collection triumphs in the world of natural therapies. Its exclusive manufacture combines craftsmanship with a modern style, while remaining sustainable.

Unlike polluting plastic, we take advantage of the biological properties of the horn for all endings in direct contact with the skin. Antiseptic, antistatic and silky to the touch, our Dien Chan instruments are considered to be authentic health jewels.

We believe that health and beauty are a reflection of the care and detail that you put into practice on a daily basis.

 Multireflex tools represent this ideal of distinction.

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Bamboo beauty
Ova bar


yin roller




Yang concave
Yin sphere


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