Reduce double chin

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Reducing Double Chin Naturally
– It's Possible!

What if you could get rid of that double chin without surgery, chemicals, or complicated machinery?


It's when you see yourself in photos that you start to panic!

Every time you look in the mirror, you can't figure out why this fatty buildup is settling under your chin and affecting your profile. Worse yet, the double chin tends to age us.

Uncomfortable and a source of distress, the industry only offers superficial solutions that don't address the underlying issue. That's why the double chin has become a popular focus for plastic surgeons. Many techniques have been developed, but their results are often questionable, as they are subjectively evaluated.

In reality, an abnormal growth of fat cells gives the skin a saggy appearance, much like how cellulite can give our double chin an "orange peel" texture that doesn't go away.

Liquid injections that cause fat cells to explode are a toxic solution. They overload the lymphatic system and strain our kidneys.

Liposuction doesn't solve the problem and is dangerous. It doesn't restore elasticity to the skin but stresses the dermis.

Finally, 30% of patients who received a placebo treatment instead of a chemical one believed their profile had improved.

Could it be the cost and complexity of the white-coat treatment that comforts them?

In short, you'll find that all these techniques come with hefty price tags and often end up recommending neck massages as a follow-up.

And like all new ideas, it's initially seen as ridiculous. Then it's considered dangerous, and eventually, it becomes self-evident.

Why is Chan❜beauté a better choice then?

Because we won't promise someone overweight to slim down without changing their eating habits.

Because we will simply help our brain and body regain control over these established blockages.

Because, unlike aggressive techniques, Chan❜beauté can synthesize knowledge from traditional Chinese and Western medicine into therapeutic gestures.

t's a revolutionary and cost-effective approach,
which is not appreciated by those selling financial products.


Our expertise in Dien Chan since 2002 and our extensive experience shared within a team of experienced practitioners have enabled us to develop effective treatment protocols.

All facial reflexology techniques are simplified variations of Dien·Chan, often focusing only on the use of a few reflex zones.

Understanding the multi-reflexological dimension and knowing how to use the various effects of multi-reflex tools makes all the difference.


Just common sense!

If you're reading this page, it means that, like us, you've become aware of many things. You know that natural solutions exist and that being passive in the face of a problem cannot be the solution.

We will follow a logical and coherent protocol step by step in a non-invasive natural approach.

Reclaim the contour of your face!

Regardless of the cause of your double chin (genetics, aging, or excess weight), you must first kickstart your natural self-regulation process. That means beginning by improving lymphatic circulation.

Let's start by eliminating energy blockages that hinder the proper functioning of our lymphatic system and vital organs.

And what if I don't want to give up my cream?

Simply applying a cream is not enough, and to avoid spending a fortune on products, I suggest learning how to prepare your skin for your skincare routine to be truly effective.

By promoting microcirculation, we enhance the product's absorption rate. This will allow you to use less product and opt for a higher-quality cream.

Describing it takes much longer than doing it...

Our goal is to explain to you how to use the technique and how to incorporate the gestures.

Discover a moment of cocooning and well-being.

That's the beauty of Chan❜beauté treatments. While addressing an imperfection, you're also revitalizing your body, boosting your vital functions, and improving energy circulation.


As always, we share our experience with the intention of remaining your best source of inspiration.

Learning to use the Ova of beauty

It may sound surprising, but beauty professionals in Chan❜beauté know that a precise neck massage with the Ova of beauty can tone the face and neck.

In this kit, the Ova of beauty nº373 comes with the Little-hammer nº128, the Double mini yang ball nº307, and the eBook is included for free.

The treatment is divided into two chapters:

      — To get started: the therapeutic techniques.

      — To enrich and reinforce the treatment with professional advice.

Not only will this protocol help you eliminate your double chin, but this easy-to-practice therapeutic technique will also be beneficial for your overall health.

Furthermore, the Dien Chan tools that make up this kit will be very useful for many other treatments.

How long will it take to start seeing results?

Chan❜beauté treatments offer quick results depending on the severity of the issue. If we perform short daily sessions rather than sporadic longer stimulations, you won't have to wait long for results.

In less than three weeks, you can appreciate a visible reduction in your double chin.

Don't worry! It's so pleasant that you won't miss your pampering time.

The Chan’beauté professional applies the full protocol once a week and encourages the client to continue maintenance at home.

She recommends the Double mini yang balls nº307 to maintain the effects achieved and sustain the results from one session to the next.

I don't have time for this protocol

Well, it seems your double chin isn't bothering you that much. If you believe that paying for miraculous techniques will save you a ton of time, here's some advice:

Research online and ask around in your circles before making a potentially risky decision.

To eliminate a double chin, you need to take action both externally and internally within your body.

What makes multireflex tools different?

That's the question asked by those who haven't yet experienced the therapeutic caresses of Dien Chan and Chan❜beauty.

Armed with their spikes, mini-rods, or other golden cylinders, our health jewelry may sometimes seem a bit strange at first glance.

But authentic tools are gentle and delicate. In an environmentally respectful approach, we use recyclable natural materials to which we give a second life.

🍃 That's what we call a circular economy!

🌿 A true, experienced therapist in Dien Chan and Chan❜beauty never causes discomfort to their patients.

Kit composition

Handcrafted one by one from natural materials like mimosa wood and real horn, these health jewels have earned well-deserved success.

We prefer horn over polluting synthetic materials to benefit from its biological antiseptic properties. Additionally, this horn is obtained from traditional agricultural sources and doesn't generate static electricity like plastic.

Needless to say, no animals have suffered or been raised for their horns.

This kit for «Reducing Double Chin» is an excellent way to experience the multireflex tools. It consists of 3 instruments and includes a complimentary PDF booklet.

If you already own some of the instruments:

The 3 multireflex tools described below on this page and the educational booklet can be purchased individually.

Liquids circulation:

With the Double mini yang ball

Multireflex tool nº307

The neck and throat:

With the bamboo Ova of beauty 

Multireflex tool nº373


With the The yin-yang little-hammer

Multireflex tool nº128

But that's not all!

Not only will this protocol help you reduce your double chin, but it's easy to practice and also beneficial for your overall health.

All the steps of the therapeutic gestures are detailed in the booklet included in the «Reduce Double Chin" Kit. Illustrated with reflex zone maps and accompanied by important bqc·points, this guide synthesizes the treatment step by step. It is useful for those who wish to apply it for self-care and for professionals in the beauty salon.

1| How to massage the neck to unblock the lymphatic system.

2| How to firm up tissues using the effects of the tools.

3| Facial reflex zones for support

4| Strengthening the treatment by applying bqc·point formulas: 

         — Neck and throat

          Circulation of fluids

          Skin elasticity

5| Reflex stimulations to enhance the functions of vital organs.

6| Promoting the natural elimination of stirred toxins.

7| The little extra...

The Chan❜beauté eBook: «Reduce double chin» 

This button to purchase the eBook only.

It is provided in PDF format with the kit.

The 24 pages of the «Reduce double chin» eBook contain all the details of each step, as well as treatment diagrams, reflex zone charts, and bqc·points cards for the suggested formulas.

What guarantee?

If you want to get a sense of our style, we invite you to request one of our free booklets.

You can find them by following these links:

... and much more in the blog of the Dien Chan experts.

We guarantee the quality of our instruments, which means we will replace any defective tool if that were to happen despite our careful inspection.

If your packaging is damaged, take photos of both the box and the damaged tools to expedite the exchange.

💥 I'm not sure if I have the budget

Compare apples to apples!

With creams, the budget ranges from 40$ to 180$ per month. For these new infiltration techniques, the prices are prohibitive (approximately 1500$). That's why no one complains; they're ashamed of what they paid.

We are a small-scale organization and don't spend on marketing campaigns to offer the best quality at a fair price.

Moreover, by purchasing multireflex tools, you contribute to research projects and fund our efforts for an ethical and sustainable approach to health.

If you prefer to choose other multireflex tools, check:

Don't wait until next Christmas to order your kit!

This offer is limited because we manufacture slowly to ensure the quality of the multireflex tools.

This kit is available at this exceptional price, and our stocks are depleting rapidly.

We still don't offer medicine...!!…

While offering a treatment, a fitness session, or a trip is a great idea to rebalance the mind!


But why not give a natural DIY solution?

This protocol is simple to perform and really affordable. You'll be offering a natural horn health jewel and teaching something valuable to a loved one.

In any case, you'll introduce them to a gentle and effective technique that will pleasantly surprise them.

Dienchannely ypours,

The Dien Chan Experts —

Maintenance and cleaning

Learn how to take care of your tools on the page Thanks to the natural horn material, we don't need to use harsh chemicals to clean them.