Personality down to the last detail

Precision and character are our hallmarks, because we take all the necessary precautions during manufacturing. In addition to the use of the most noble materials, such as natural horn, mimosa wood and high-end metals, our most precious asset remains the hand of man.

It is the only tool that can meet our requirements so that the real material is highlighted and reveals its palette of textures and varied colors.

Premium manufacturing

Constantly evolving, we strive for perfection like everything we do since 2002, with the greatest care, calm, concentration, passion and dedication.

This craftsmanship allows us to achieve a set of harmonious instruments, because beauty is only more beautiful if it is natural.

Multireflex tools are seen as real health jewels by those who pursue the exceptional. They carry your signature by the aesthetic aspect and the requirement of high quality.

It is more important for us to make excellent Dien Chan tools than to produce large quantities of them. And that sometimes leads to stockouts caused by the success met in Europe as in North America.

To maintain your horn multireflex tools, restore shine to the golden cylinders and keep them clean: follow the advice on the page.


Our exclusive customers are aware that each instrument, each advice and each treatment must be personalized.

So that this is felt down to the smallest detail, we want to remain faithful to the artisanal tradition. We are always looking for perfection with the strictest respect for the environment.

Multireflex tools are premium health jewels. They carry your signature by the aesthetic aspect and the requirement of high quality.

Concerned about the environment, we practice the circular economy and handcraft each tool in noble and natural materials, avoiding polluting synthetic substances.

We have chosen mimosa wood and horn recovered from traditional agriculture so that no animal is harmed or raised for this purpose.

We prefer real horn , as has been done throughout history, for its antiseptic properties and high therapeutic frequency.


Instruments of elegance and precision, multireflex tools meet ecological needs and enrich your daily beauty procedures while taking care of your health.

For the pros

The demanding therapist is not satisfied with industrial products containing polluting synthetic materials.


In through our range, we strive to make possible the exceptional and trying to push the boundaries of holistic treatments.


We accept this challenge on a daily basis by putting our experience at the service of those who have understood that sustainable therapy is possible.

Payment method

We use the PayPal bank gateway to protect your payment, as it is one of the few financial entities that invests so much in cybersecurity.

Although sometimes the payment button appears to prompt you to open a PayPal account, choose this option anyway, as it is then optional.

You don't need to have a PayPal account!

You will then complete the payment form with your private data that are not shared with the seller.

PayPal will send us your shipping address once payment is completed.


We use the services of French LaPoste for all shipments to Europe, because it remains the most reliable even today (November 2020).

For North America, we use USPS and our facilities are in Canada.

You will receive our delivery address confirmation and we will also send you an email with the tracking number of your order.

We have been distributing multireflex tools worldwide since 2002 without worry. Our professional customers, like those who practice Dien Chan and Chan❜beauté in self-care, are won over and also appreciate the fact that we use recycled packaging.

Guarantee and conditions of sale

By making the payment you agree to the terms of sale.

Multireflex tools are handcrafted and know that we guarantee quality. This means that we would replace the faulty instrument for you if this should happen despite our careful quality control.

  • We will therefore ask you to send us a photograph of the faulty accessory in order to complete your file.

  • Once the damage has been confirmed, we will return the tool in question to you free of charge.

  • If you refuse your order, then you will have to return it at your expense and we will refund you the market value of the contents without the shipping costs and with a penalty of 20% of its value.

  • Electronic documents such as booklets in PDF format are neither refunded nor exchanged.

  • The details of the conditions of sale are on this page.

A little history

At the end of the Great Vietnam War, the Binh Trieu Drug Addiction Treatment Center in Saigon hired Prof. Bùi Quôc Châu as an acupuncturist. The main mission of this hospital was to help patients overcome their abstinence crises in the best possible way.

Drug addicts suffer from many pathologies with multiple complications.

At the time, no drugs, but only traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) protocols imposed by the management of the center.

Medicine made diagnosis slow and consultants dependent on doctors. But, Professor Châu takes advantage of the chaotic post-war situation to freely verify his hypotheses.

In 1978, he discovered another network of fixed points on the face, much more powerful than traditional treatments.

Obtaining incredible recoveries, his happy patients attract more.

This powerful technique can seem complex for the beginner. Fortunately, Professor Châu understood in 1977 that his map of 257 fixed points described many patterns of reflection on the face.

It is these patterns that we combine with point formulas that will lead us to rapid and profound results.

Grasping the effectiveness of his multiple patterns, he invents instruments based on the yin and yang principles in order to be able to give up the needles.

Eager to help poor and destitute people face disease, he shows his patients how to continue care at home using multireflex tools.

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