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Treating Wrinkles Naturally

Over the years, the skin's maintenance mechanisms deteriorate, and cellular renewal slows down, making the dermis less elastic and accentuating wrinkles. Stress, liver and digestive disorders, muscle spasms, and the quality of blood, such as lymphatic system dysfunction, are highly influential factors.

There are other external causes that dehydrate and weaken the cells of the epidermis, and the drier the skin, the more wrinkles appear.


The natural aesthetic and holistic well-being method called Chan❜beauté allows us to reach the root cause of the imbalance expressed through facial imperfections.

Why are collagen creams only for moisturizing?

Because the collagen molecules they contain are too large to penetrate.

So, if we don't want to give up on our cream with its pleasant texture, it's good to start with a tailored Chan❜beauté protocol that will improve its penetration index.

And since we need to act deep down, it's the "Yang~yin Prelude" that revitalizes the dermis' microcirculation.

By toning the deep exchanges, we promote the natural circulation between the three layers of the skin.

This way, we can fully enjoy the benefits of our cream, our diet, and the fresh air that gently caresses our face. Not to mention the clear absorption of vitamin D, generously offered by the sun.


It's easy to remember how we used to admire our glowing complexion in the morning!

What happened?
It's from the past?

Indeed, it's just a rapid oxidation caused by poor oxygenation that leads to accelerated skin aging.

No matter how many products we ingest or apply morning and night, if we don't gently and subtly invigorate the skin exchanges, it's all in vain.

Chan❜beauté not only helps erase spots, wrinkles, and fine lines but also serves as the only natural complementary method to activate skin rejuvenation.

In just a few days, with the correct techniques, you'll witness astonishing benefits on your face!

And for the pros?

The secrets of Chan❜beauté are closely guarded by countless organic beauty professionals. Throughout North America, where we have repeatedly taught Dien Chan and Chan❜beauté, we now have a passionate clientele that showers us with praise.

Fortunately, our partner Erica Layton-Weiland leads the training and manages a clinic in Canada.

The results are so impressive that in France, pale imitations of our method are popping up like mushrooms after an autumn rain. But that's alright because the true essence of Chan❜beauté lies in talent!

It is crucial to grasp the principles of Dien Chan and not simply believe that it is just a Vietnamese interpretation of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Avoid applying formulas haphazardly just because "Pr. Bùi Quôc Châu said so!" 

You catch my drift...

The environmentally-conscious professionals are seeking solutions and realizing the importance of integrating Chan❜beauté protocols into their consultations.

Not only do these protocols deliver impressive results, but the sense of well-being provided by the treatment also fosters client loyalty among those who appreciate pampering.

Is it a good idea to show the client how to practice self-care?

Yes, professionals immediately verify this idea that may seem contradictory at first glance.

When they recommend a small exercise to be done at home (such as with the Yin-yang roller nº206, for example), they notice that they foster customer loyalty.

Teaching a simple gesture that makes sense both fosters loyalty and contributes to the treatment.

The earlier we start, the quicker we will see visible results, as these at-home assignments help maintain the good results achieved during the session.

As a result, your professional work will be even more effective during the next visit.

You can resume the treatment and enhance it by applying specific bqc·points formulas that will strengthen natural collagen production.


You won't find this solution in magazines sold to big corporations that are only looking to advertise miraculous cosmetics. It's not expensive enough, and most importantly, once you own these true health jewels, they're yours for life!

Compared to a budget for creams or serums, it's ridiculous!

To make it easier to study, we have developed the method in this booklet called «Anti-Wrinkle protocol».


✔︎ And here's a surprise for you: John-Jairo insisted on offering you his exclusive video of the «Chan❜beauté Ceremonial» to help you understand the elegant techniques that you can start practicing right away.

✔︎ It is accessible to subscribers of the channel through the PDF of the booklet.

✔︎ Don't forget to subscribe to the channel so you can access it.


Let's eat balanced, stay active, and achieve an optimal result that is evident by harnessing the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.


By incorporating a small Chan❜beauté routine!

That's everything we explain in the «Anti-Wrinkle protocols» booklet. You can purchase just the PDF version of the booklet if you already have multireflex tools.

But if you're new to Dien Chan or Chan❜beauté, we offer you an essential toolkit to perform the techniques effectively, and we provide the booklet as a complimentary gift.

Table of Contents of the booklet

📌 Don't forget the comprehensive article on the 3 types of skin that will help you better understand each situation (🇫🇷!)

Those who have already received some of our eBooks know that they are truly rich educational resources filled with valuable information.

I would like to remind you that you can get assistance in printing and binding them from this page

In this video, you can appreciate the work involved


We offer a set of multireflex tools for practicing self-care and applying the protocols described in the accompanying booklet that comes with the kit.

The Anti-Wrinkle kit

This set of multireflex tools is specially designed for you to take care of your face with minimal accessories.

The Chan❜beauté instruments are true jewels of health, handmade with noble materials. Acclaimed for over a decade, we distribute them worldwide.

Whether you're a professional or simply interested in personal use, you'll discover the pleasure of working with tools that deliver visible results and an incredible sense of well-being.

Details on each tool further down this page.

Use this button to buy the full set of tools with the booklet and its video as a gift.

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Unlike industrial cosmetics, we provide timeless solutions, durable instruments of quality, style, and ecology.

The multireflex tools are designed to accompany you throughout your life if you take care of them.

Following an ideal of thoughtful use, we strongly believe in the philosophy of consuming less and consuming better!

We believe that beauty is more beautiful when it is natural, and we aim to offer solutions that align with the social and environmental concerns of our time. 

By committing to holistic health, our initiative is realistic and pragmatic. It becomes reasonable for those who practice it and satisfying for those who receive it.

It's about being responsible!

In Chan❜beauté,

we never damage

the skin!

Let's not confuse it with micro-needling and other tortures in white coats.

Today, thanks to our extensive experience since 2002 and the countless testimonials, we can guarantee that it is possible to firm your skin and express the inner beauty that characterizes you.

Trying it is believing it, as the effects are visible in less than two weeks.

Take a selfie on the day you receive your multireflex tools and you will be proud to share your "before and after" on  Instagram.

Our account is and don't forget to use the hashtag #multireflex.

When we consider that a collagen injection costs almost 300£, it's time to reflect on whether it's worth paying to be punctured when simple and non-toxic solutions exist.

In fact, most interventions are only effective in the very short term because they cause micro-inflammations that tighten the tissues. It's not rejuvenating to get slapped in the face!

It's true, most products just stay on the surface and don't penetrate the dermis, which remains cold and lifeless.

To fully benefit from this, we offer you the educational booklet «Antiwrinkles protocols», which is reserved for professionals and all those who are interested in slow, eco-friendly, and organic cosmetics.

Now that you know that you have the intrinsic ability to naturally regenerate your skin, let your youthful spirit shine on the outside!

Chan'beauté is about enhancing outer beauty by rebalancing the inner self.

Roll the yang roller and then the yin roller, reduce sugar intake, and promote exchanges between the dermis and epidermis with the Chan'beauté protocols.

The Yin-yang roller


The essential multireflex tool, the Yin-yang roller, is the ultimate ally for all anti-aging treatments.

Experience the yang effect of its natural horn spike ball for a complete respect of the skin microbiota.

With its gentle mini-rod roller, the yin work allows us to distribute nutrients without overheating the skin.

The Beauty-brush


For facial use, the marbled handle made of authentic horn offers the advantage —in any situation— of being able to pull out this true health gem from your bag for quick touch-ups.

This "mini-brush and smooth cylinder" combination pushes the boundaries of your "beauty and well-being" treatments.

The yang mini-brush gently "kneads" the most delicate areas of the face.

Its golden cylinder is ideal for relaxing the eyelids and gliding over the temples and other facial regions in a yin manner.

The Detector


The multireflex Detector is essential for stimulating the bqc·points in the formulas.

Its smooth sphere and handle are made of natural horn, the only material that respects the body's vibrational frequency.

Its rounded stainless steel rod has the perfect diameter to activate the facial points without ever damaging the skin.

The complete catalog of all multireflex tools is in

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Guarantee of seriousness

We won't serenade you with useless gifts or slashed prices because we don't take our customers for fools.

The prices we offer are carefully adjusted because we are the sole manufacturers of these eco-friendly tools.

There are no distributors between us, ensuring optimal quality at the best price. Beware of plastic imitations that generate static electricity and disrupt the skin's microbiota.

Our pedagogical experience since 2002, our publications in multiple languages, and the thousands of students in Europe and North and South America are a guarantee of our seriousness and commitment.


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Video in Spanish by our expert in Dien Chan and Chan❜beauté —Montsé García-Pallarols— which (even if your Spanish is a bit rusty) will be very useful for you to appreciate the gestures.

Sorry but I don't want to do the subtitles, it's exhausting me...

Examples of multireflexological correspondences that allow us to reach the origin of imperfection.

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🍂❜´🌸`❉`🌿 Chan❜beauté 🌾´❉ 🌸`❛🍃

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