Strengthen your

immune system

with multireflexology Dien Chan

Do not let your immune system weaken!

When cooler weather arrives, our immune system is more sensitive to changes. During this season, we encourage prevention as a strategy to avoid the dwindling of our defences.

A balanced diet and many natural techniques offer highly effective and non-invasive solutions. There's nothing comparable to using one's inner healing to create the best remedy available on the market.

Facial stimulation is a great way to regain control of your energy balance and provide the defences you require. The more one prepares their immune system to resist, without external input, the stronger you will be against invaders.

Authentic facial reflexology offers the ability to act swiftly on our vital functions.


If you do not know Dien Chan, here's a great way to get started for fast results.

How to strengthen one's defences naturally?

Human nature has a tendency to follow the spiral of modern society and underestimate our own virtues. Dien Chan awakens the natural metabolic balance of the body and ignites proper cell function, thus giving our little immune system cells, a chance to win the war.

Convinced by the benefits of nature, we invite you to become an ambassador of your own health.

Integrate these simple yet effective gestures into your morning or nightly routine to boost the self-regulating power within.

Using delicate gestures with multireflex tools, without ever damaging the skin, energetic blockages will release and the functions of each organ will strengthen.

Strengthen the immune system consists in composing a precise and pleasant multireflexology treatment that will boost and strengthen all actors involved.

What is multireflexology?

Developed by Vietnamese Prof. Bùi Quôc Châu in the 1980s , this facial and body technique combines acupressure with small facial massages.

It is important to map out the specific location(s) on the face, using the most appropriate diagram of 'reflection' and/or fixed points, to stimulate yin or yang effect with the multireflex instruments.

The possibilities of care can be innumerable when you begin to combine the reflex zones of the diagrams in addition to the formulas of bqc·points.

For example, we can combine the lung zones from the internal organs as well as the nose of the blue woman and a formula of bqc·points to strengthen the sinus and respiratory system.

This is the meaning of multireflexology.

Become a care designer!

Dien Chan is a modern technique that beautifully synthesizes multiple knowledge from Eastern wisdom and Western medicine, however philosophically speaking, we believe it would be offensive to make you believe that you can not understand it without extensive education.

And as always, our philosophy is to ensure an offering to enrich you experience, - if you wish- .


It is not a question of believing the promises, but of checking "in your flesh" that it works.

The official school domain

The «Immune System» kit

This is what we offer you with this kit which consists of 3 essential multireflex tools and an eBook containing explanations, protocols and bqc·points formulas.

This eBook illustrates this great theory and gives the solution to boost your immune system.

We encourage you to take advantage of the fact you can start practising immediately in a non-invasive way, you can't do any harm!

By asking yourself questions during the stimulation, you will discover new tracks.

For example, when you move the tool on your face, does it make you smile? Does it feel necessary for your body or like its melting the stress away? Generally, we recommend starting with the most pleasant side for around 2 minutes followed by the other side.

Yin rake

Multireflex tool nº416

This yin rake or Dien Chan comb is an essential instrument for calming brain activity and relaxing the patient. Often used before the treatment when we face a person in a state of stress. The gentle sweeps of the skull prepare the nervous system for the treatment that will follow.

Double mini yang ball

Multireflex tool nº307

Equipped with its two small balls of pimples, the Double mini yang ball energises the facial reflex zones as well as medium-sized anatomical parts. Its natural horn yang balls (not to disturb the skin microbiota), are highly appreciated for relieving joint pain, neck stiffness and warming the extremities.

Double mini yin roller

Multireflex tool nº308

For facial and body use, the Double mini yin roller helps to calm joint pain with hot sensations, to relax the neck and extremities. Its yin effects quickly relieve acute and precise muscle tension.

Real multireflex tools are handcrafted in noble materials such as real horn, mimosa wood and high-end metals. The natural horn is recovered without any animal suffering or being raised for this purpose, because we practice the circular economy.

Unlike polluting plastic, we take advantage of the biological properties of the horn for all the endings in direct contact with the skin. Antiseptic, antistatic and with a silky touch, our Dien Chan instruments are considered to be authentic health jewels.

Ce bouton, pour acheter seulement le fascicule en français

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To go further in Dien·Chan

Dien Chan is a constant invitation to hunt for knowledge to consolidate our care. To be interested in the definitions of Western medicine and the explanations of traditional Chinese medicine offers us many possibilities. The Internet becomes our great ally to obtain this more precise information on the disorder to be treated.

The ideal scenario is to attend a course with a certified teacher of the International School of Multireflexology - Dien Chan (iSMDC).

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In the AppStore of your iPad, look for "multireflex" to choose your version.

Always be inspired!

Another great way to improve your knowledge is to use the iPad app named Faceasit. Make a review on the app store if you already have it and LOVE IT!!

Discover how to develop a treatment plan in Dien Chan by consulting this free file.

And if it is natural aesthetics and therapeutic well-being that interests you, then the Chan'beauté's interactive magazine is for you.

This app has become an indispensable tool for all those who wish to practice facial reflexology in the service of beauty.


We are the creators of Chan'beauté and since 2006 we develop many protocols to the services of beauticians.

For more information, visit the dedicated website:

▸ The free demo version of the Chan'beauté app is downloadable here.

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We guarantee quality, which means we replace manufacture defects with tools should it happen despite our careful quality control. If you receive the damaged material, please communicate it to us within 7 working days from the date of receipt by sending us a photo of the damaged package. After the claim, we will send you the replacement equipment at no cost.


We use noble materials such as natural horn, mimosa wood and high-end metals, for this reason each tool is unique with natural textures.


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